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15 Best iPhone Accessories to Buy Right Now


15 Best iPhone Accessories to Buy Right Now

More than a decade of existence has led to some of the best iPhone accessories from third-party brands out there. Here’s our curated list of gadgets and accessories that elevate your iPhone experience to a whole new level.

The very first time when Apple unveiled the iPhone in all its glory, it redefined the way we viewed smartphones. Instead of being just a communication device that did more, the iPhone became a lifestyle device that now does a million things, reshaping how we stay connected with each other. The latest addition to the group, the iPhone 12 is in a league of its own, and with features such as MagSafe make a comeback, you can expect a slew of new and improved accessories to make the cut.

While we wait for them to show up, your current iPhone can also use a much-needed upgrade in functionality. There’s no harm in getting the best iPhone accessories that enhance the cosmetics of your smartphone either since the iPhone is after all a slab of uninspiring metal and glass. Whether you’re looking to make up for the accessories that Apple no longer offers along with the iPhone, or want to do more with it in a general sense of things, there’s a lot to try out.

15 Best iPhone Accessories

Rather than boring you with multiple options in the same category, we’ve picked only the best of the best from each. From the ability to add a tracker to your iPhone to enjoying a console-style gaming experience on iOS, here are the best iPhone accessories that we’ve hand-picked for you.

1. Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

Having a wireless tracker that you can actively seek from your iPhone is no longer a Sci-Fi futuristic dream. Tile Pro is a smart chip that uses low-powered Bluetooth technology to be a 24/7 trackable chip for your car keys, laptop bag, travel luggage, and everything in between. Once hooked to your iPhone via the mobile app, you can pinpoint its location accurately up to 400 feet.

2. LISEN Rugged Cable

The Apple Lightning cable is known to be notoriously fragile from the weak points of the charger and the USB. LISEN brings you an MFi certified rugged Lightning charger cable for iPhone that will last a lifetime of wear and tear. Supporting 2.4A fast-charging and constructed with braided mesh and reinforced ends, the cable uses laser-welded technology for added durability.

3. UBeesize Portable Tripod

There’s nothing worse than a shaky video and although iPhone comes with EIS (electronic image stabilization) and OIS (optical image stabilization), it can only take you so far. To take your photography and videography to the next level, the octopus-style wraparound legs of the UBeesize Portable Tripod is a fine choice. Included with a robust mount and a wireless shutter remote for ease of use, it can easily morph into an iPad stand too.

4. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

If you don’t own the triple-lens iPhone 11 Pro, and still want to do more with the single, yet phenomenal camera of the older iPhone, Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is the way to go. You get a Wide Angle Lens, a 15x Macro Lens, GlowClip for illumination, and a TruGrip Lens Clip to keep the entire contraption tightly set on the iPhone camera.

5. Apple Smart Battery Case

The company did receive plenty of flak with the Beluga Whale design choice for the Smart Battery Case, but Apple’s Midas touch has somehow worked once again. With the ability to deliver up to 50% of the original battery capacity of the iPhone, the case is available in variants of Black, Pink Sand, and White, and also supports wireless charging.

6. Apple AirPods

The entire reason why Apple did away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, the AirPods are hyped up, yet the ideal Bluetooth earbuds for iPhone. Sure, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there, but none of them offer the H1 chip which allows you to connect the AirPods effortlessly to the iPhone, enjoy seamless connectivity with Siri, and an audio performance that is finetuned for iOS devices specifically.

7. RetroduckQ Wireless iPhone Dock

Easily the coolest wireless charger for iPhone you can find out there, the RetroduckQ wireless charging dock delivers a power of 10W directly to your smartphone. Made essentially as a bedside accessory to turn your iPhone into a retro alarm clock, the wireless charging dock is available in Carmine Red, Mono White, and Dim Grey, with a clean design and robust build quality.

8. Rotor Riot Gamepad Controller

Mobile gaming is taking over, and the Rotor Riot is spearheading it on the iPhone with the only MFi controller. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity comes with zero latency so that your every press of the ergonomically designed controller’s button is tactile and responsive. The controller charges with the iPhone’s very own Lightning cable, with a special ZeroG mobile holder to keep the iPhone screen in perfect view as you blast through the enemy line.

9. Luxtude Portable Charger

The problem with using any power bank is that you need to carry the accessories to charge the power bank, and the Lightning cable on you at all times. Luxtude GlobalTraveller L changes this with a brilliant design that includes a Lightning power cable, and a 15W adapter built into the power bank itself. Sold in Pink and Black color variants, the power bank comes with two added USB ports to charge any other gadgets using the 1000mAh battery.

10. Anker PowerPort 60W Charger

Even before Apple decided to be “environment-friendly” and take away the charger adapter from the latest iPhone 12, people were rather uninterested in the default 5-watt adapter that the company provided. The current-generation iPhone already supports fast-charging at 18W, and if you’re looking for a charging adapter that can charge your MacBook as well as iPhone at top speed, Anker PowerPort is the way to go. Easily one of the best accessories for iPhone for fast charging, you get a USB-C as well as a USB-A port for shedding 60W of high-powered goodness.

11. VUP Running Armband

Leaving your iPhone behind on a morning run is an unimaginable scenario, so here’s one of the best iPhone accessories for fitness that keeps you safe on the track. Available in Black, Silver, and Green color variants, the VUP Running Armband comes with 360-degree swivel design for ease of use. The combination of Neoprene and breathable Lycra keeps the armband comfortable and odor-free, with support for all iPhone models from the iPhone 5, all the way up to the latest of the bunch.

12. PopSockets PopGrip

Smart products can still be simple, which is why something as rudimentary as a plastic doorknob could sell millions of units. Available in every design you can think of, PopSockets PopGrip adds a holder to your iPhone’s back with high-quality 3M adhesive. While it may not be the best choice for wireless charging, you get a simple mount, stand to watch videos in horizontal mode, and snap pictures with better stability.

13. Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock

Apple may have tried and failed in creating a multi-device wireless charger that was dubbed as AirPower, Logitech succeeded in doing so. Completing your needs for wireless charging the iPhone, along with accessories such as the AirPods and the Apple Watch, the Logitech Powered 3-in-1 dock comes with three Qi-enabled wireless charging coils built into the premium quality dock. Although the 7.5-watt charging capacity isn’t going to knock your socks off, since the dock is designed to be a nightstand, the charging speed should juice up all three of your devices overnight.

14. AUKEY Car Phone Mount

The reason why we consider the AUKEY Car Phone Mount as one of the best iPhone accessories for cars is not just the low price point, but the multi-purpose it offers. Featuring a base plate the adheres even to the curved and uneven surface of the dashboard, the 360-degree arm can easily be rotated in any direction for ease of viewing. You get a metal plate with the car mount that can be slipped into the back of the iPhone case for a strong magnetic mount.

15. Lifeprint Instant Photo Printer

Capturing fleeting memories is something the iPhone does very well, but a digital image does not come close to the physical photograph. Lifeprint is a brand dedicated to bringing digital to physical photography from your iPhone, with the Bluetooth-powered Instant Photo Printer. Designed to mount right behind your iPhone and convert captured photos into 2×3 photos, the device uses ZINK technology to create memorable moments that can also be edited and transformed with the Lifeprint iOS app.

Wrapping Up

The beauty of an open market is that you can always find a more affordable variant of any iPhone accessory from the list. We chose to boil it all down to the top choice from each category, leveraging the brand value and stellar customer reviews that the products have received. Each of these best accessories for iPhone is compatible with all current-generation models, designed to make the iPhone more useful than it already is.

Which of these tried and tested iPhone accessories are you most likely to pick up during your next shopping spree? We’d love to know what you think in the comments section down below.

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