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The 15 Best Offline Android Games


The 15 Best Offline Android Games

Ever since smartphones became a thing, we have been using them to maintain constant access to the internet wherever we go. Today, going somewhere without a phone is like exiting the house without your money and keys — you simply can’t afford to do it.

Apart from being a great way to keep in touch with people, you also use them for things like ordering food, navigation, keeping track of your appointments, and about a thousand other things.

Of course, a major part of that is using your phone to play games. Games are a handy way to pass the time, have some fun, and simply relax and don’t think about your daily responsibilities, events, news, and alike.

The only problem is that so many of them are created for you to play them online, that you literally depend on having internet access in order to be able to do anything.

However, there are still some great gems that you can play in offline mode, whether because you are stuck in a place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, or if you simply want to disconnect from the world wide web for half an hour and not be disturbed.

So, if you are looking for some great online games to play, here are our top recommendations. Some are free, some you have to pay for, but all of them are bound to help you relax and have some great time before the time comes for you to get back into reality and continue your day.

Top 15 Android games that you can play offline

1) Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey-min

The first on our list is a free game called Alto’s Odyssey, and this is among the newest titles that you can play offline. The game is basically an infinite runner, where you get to ski down numerous slopes, jump, and of course — collect coins along the way.

By collecting these coins, you can unlock various elements in the game’s shop, mostly involving customization.

The graphics look pretty good, and the game itself is quite colorful and aesthetically pleasing. They are not very realistic, of course, but they are still very nice to look at.

As for the controls and mechanics, they are rather simple. The game will take care of moving forward on its own, while you are in control of jumping and performing mid-air flips.

As mentioned, it is completely free, although you should keep in mind that you will have to suffer through an occasional ad. However, if you are willing to pay for a premium version, you can get rid of the ads with ease.

2) Crowd City

Crowd City-min

Next up, we have Crowd City — another free game that you can play on your Android without the internet. This is an arcade-type game that is actually quite addicting.

The gameplay is simple enough — you get control over a random citizen that you can name, and whenever you touch an NPC, it will turn into your clone. The goal is to turn as many people into your clones as possible before the timer runs out.

While it is a single-player, it also has an option to let you compete against AI-controlled adversaries, which makes the game a lot more exciting and interesting, especially due to the fact that you can even turn the AI-controlled NPCs into your own clones.

3) Limbo


Limbo is a puzzle game that has been around for a decade, but it is still extremely popular, and as close to a perfect game as you can get.

It is a 2D side-scroller that uses a physics system that governs objects in the environment, as well as your character. You take over an unnamed boy who awoke in the middle of a dark forest which is located at the edge of hell. From there on, he goes on a search to find his missing sister, facing all kinds of obstacles and puzzles along the way, as well as some dangerous enemies that he needs to beat in order to proceed.

The controls are easy enough to learn, while the graphics are dark, greyscale, and there is minimal ambient sound, which works wonders in creating a somewhat creepy, haunting world. It is very addicting and fun, so we definitely recommend checking it out.

4) Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6-min

Bloons TD 6 is another great offline Android game, although this one requires you to pay $4.99 before you can download it and play.

Basically, it is a tower defense game and a pretty typical one at that. You can set up towers and defeat approaching enemies. There are 20 different maps to explore, in total, alongside five levels of upgrades. There are 19 towers, each of which can take three upgrade paths.

Not only that, but you also get the opportunity for many individual tower upgrades, which will help you out in specific situations and scenarios.

You can also choose between several difficulties, as well as modes. There are additional in-app purchases that you can choose to make, but you can also play without them.

5) Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures-min

Rayman Adventures is a rather interesting, console-quality game that you can download and play on your Android phone. It is a part of a much larger game series known as Rayman Legends, which is indeed available on consoles, and even PC.

Rayman Adventures features two protagonists, and it lets you pick who you wish to play. After you select one of them, it lets you explore a rather beautifully-developed world, with all kinds of secret locations, major treasures, and strong bosses that guard said treasures.

On top of that, the game offers chase levels, where bosses will chase you and your task is to do your best to maintain the distance between you. There are even cut scenes, but fortunately, you can speed them up, if you don’t want to spend too much time on them, and you are simply in for the gameplay.

6) Minecraft


Minecraft is a game that needs no introductions. It is possibly the biggest game of the last few years, as it made a massive comeback from nearly a decade ago when it started losing the attention of the public.

Now, Minecraft also requires you to pay in order to play it, but the price is only $6.99, which is rather acceptable for a game of this caliber and popularity.

You probably already know the drill with this one — there is no story and no task that you need to accomplish, other than the ones that you set for yourself.

You get dropped in a random part of the world, and from there on — you’re on your own. You must build a shelter to resist the elements, and, of course, the monsters that come out at night. You gather supplies, create stuff, and dig, dig, dig.

The game added a lot of features from its computer version which helped close the gap between them, and, while this one is not as big and immersive as the PC one, it is certainly closer to it than ever before.

7) Mortal Kombat


Mortal Kombat is another title that needs no introduction. This particular game series has been around for decades, and it reached pretty much every platform ever invented.

It is still just as powerful and exciting as ever, and you will likely enjoy the fights, as well as their exciting, gore-filled fatalities.

The gameplay is simple, and all you need to do is tap and swipe across your screen. You don’t exactly get to move back and forth, though, but you can switch between different characters during the same fight, which is a fun feature for different strategies.

It has its own main campaign, but you also have an additional goal, which is to collect and upgrade as many as 130 heroes. So, if you played Mortal Kombat before, you can expect strong nostalgia to awaken, and if you are new to the game, you can download it and become a part of a proud, decades-long tradition that is the Mortal Kombat series.

8) Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle-min

If you are into horror, then Friday the 13th needs no introduction. Everyone knows about an immortal machete-wielding, hockey maks-wearing psychotic murderer that is Jason Voorhees.

The game is absolutely brimming with gore, and it is extremely fun to play. Best of all, it is free, although it does offer in-app purchases.

You, of course, take control of Jason himself, and you get more than 100 levels to go through, explore, and slaughter everyone in your path.

However, it’s not all hack and slash — you must also do your best to avoid the police that is searching for you, all kinds of traps, including land mines, and — for some reason — rotary telephones.

All in all, it is a very fun game, which you can play offline, although we don’t recommend it for kids, due to its very violent nature and gory elements.

9) The Room series

The Room-min

The Room is an outstanding game with all kinds of puzzles that you need to solve in order to escape the room. And don’t think that these are some boring puzzles that you will solve in a few seconds and be on to the next level.

No, the puzzles are rather deep, and they will require you to think hard in order to figure them out. The graphics themselves are nothing short of outstanding, and the games have arcane storylines that you will likely enjoy as much as we did.

Without spoiling much, we will reveal that the fourth game takes place in a dollhouse from which you need to escape, which is a very fun and interesting experience. The later installments in the series have even added multiple endings, so the games have excellent replay value. And, best of all, they can all be played offline, although some of them cannot offer the cloud saving feature under such conditions.

Another thing to mention is that these are premium games, and the price varies from $0.99 to $4.99, so keep that in mind if you choose to try them out.

10) Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2-min

Dead Effect 2 is an offline game for Android that is extremely similar to a PC game called Dead Space. So, if you know one of them, the chances are that you will find the other very familiar.

The Android game even has some new elements, so those who loved Dead Space will also find new functionalities and interesting twists.

The game offers console-quality graphics and amazing sound design. You will also find no shortage of monsters to fight. However, don’t think that this is just a typical FPS that will get boring after two levels. No, Dead Effect 2 also has a ton of RPG elements, such as the ability to customize your character, and replay it multiple times, each time with a unique new start.

The story itself is 40 hours long, so it will keep you busy for days, even on your first playthrough.

11) Endless Nightmare

Endless Nightmare Epic Creepy Scary Horror Game-min

Another great title for the fans of horror that you can play on your Android phone while offline is Endless Nightmare. This is a stealth horror game where the player assumes the role of a detective who has to investigate a murder. Unfortunately, you have to do it in a haunted house.

A fair bit of the game revolves around finding clues that would help you progress with the investigation, and eventually, solve the murder mystery. However, you also have to put some effort into hiding from a ghost, which brings quite a bit of tension to the game.

Here, players will have an option to hide or fight, by collecting specific items around the house in order to make a weapon that they could use to defend themselves.

For the best experience, you might want to try playing this game at night, as it is very atmospheric and even genuinely scary at times.

12) NBA Jam


If you would rather play a sports game, we can recommend NBA Jam — a game that will only cost you $4.99, while being one of the best arcade sports games that we have seen.

The game lets you play basketball two-on-two, and it has fairly simple and laid-back rules. All you need to do is win the most points by the end of the game.

The mechanics are fairly simple, and while the graphics are not exactly revolutionary, they can pass. All in all, it is a pretty good mobile experience, and you won’t have to worry about any in-app purchases.

13) Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby 3D-min

If you are a fan of racing, we have something for you, as well.

Android-based Demolition Derby is probably one of the most fun games to play on your phone when you get stuck without internet access.

The game actually has two different modes, with one being good old racing, and the other being demolition. As you can imagine, the Demolition mode is probably going to be the more fun one of the two, and it revolves around you having to smash into as many other vehicles as possible.

The game offers over 40 different cars for you to choose from, as well as some 20 demolition arenas and racing tracks, so you won’t find it too repetitive too soon. Best of all, you can play it online or offline, depending on how you feel and what you want.

14) Arcane Quest Legends

Arcane Quest Legends-min

Nearing the end of our list, we have Arcane Quest Legends — another RPG, and likely one of the best that you can play online on Android. The game allows you to customize your character although it has a fixed backstory.

Basically, when your character was just a child, their parents were attacked, and that is how they lost them. Since then, you have been hunting the attacker, which will be your goal as you play.

The game is located in a rather large open world which you get to explore and fight all kinds of enemies and enjoy rather engaging gameplay. You can attack, cast spells, dodge roll, and more. There is also no lack of dungeons that will allow you to create a unique experience and enjoy the game for hours and hours on end.

15) Eternium


Lastly, we have another free Android game called Eternium. This is another RPG that you can, fortunately, play without an internet connection.

Like in most RPGs, you get to run around, cast spells, defeat enemies, explore dungeons, ruins, the wilderness, and more.

The game has a storyline, of course, so you won’t just be dropped into the world with no purpose. Along the way, there will be plenty of stuff to do, enemies to kill, loot to collect, and quests to complete, and places to explore.

While you don’t need a connection to the server in order to play, you do have to ensure that you download the latest content from time to time. Not doing so might result in malfunctions.

All in all, Eternium is one of the best and most successful RPGs for Android, and not without reason, so we recommend checking it out.

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