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How to Change the Default Google Account on PC & Phone


How to Change the Default Google Account on PC & Phone

You may want to change the default Google account that you’re on, especially when you use your Google account to log into every major web service. Here’s a complete guide on how you can swap the default Google account not just on the computer, but on your mobile phone too.

Google started off as a great new way to browse the web through its search engine, but it has become so much more. Although Google search still owns more than 90% of the global search engine market, it has established itself as a proper software company, hosting the reliable Gmail emailing service and a collection of work-centric G Suite Apps. Even the mobile market has not been out of the grasp of Google, with its Android OS capturing almost 75% of the mobile user base.

Apart from Google-centric apps and services, almost every major shopping website or online service now allows you to sign in directly using your Google account. With billions of devices running Android OS, and billions of other using Google Apps or Google-enabled web services, it makes your Google account the center of your universe. Chances are that you have more than one Google account already, so how do change the default Google account on your device?

What does a Default Google Account Mean?

If you’re looking for a way to change the default Google account on your computer, chances are that you’re using Google Chrome web browser. Google’s very own web browser requires you to sign in to a Google account right at the start, which is used to manage your bookmarks, privacy settings, and browsing history too. The very first Google account that you sign in with on the Google Chrome browser becomes your default account.

When you try opening a Google-centric web service such as Google Drive, Google Sheets, or even Google Meet for an online video call, the default Google account will be used to sign in. Since you’ve most likely got multiple Google accounts for personal and work-related use, or use a shared device or computer, chances are that multiple Google accounts are signed in already. Hence, you will most likely want to set the primary Google account to the one you use regularly.

How to Change the Default Google Account in Windows or Mac

  1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your computer.
  2. Head over to the Google search engine page in a non-incognito window.
  3. Press the Google account icon on the top-right corner and press Sign out of all accounts from the drop-down menu.
  4. Head over to and sign in with the Google account you want to set as the default one.
  5. Remember, the first Google account you log into becomes the default one.
  6. Test out the newly changed default Google account by signing into any other Google web app such as Google Drive, and see the default account has been changed.
  7. After you sign in to your default Google account, feel free to sign into the other Google accounts and switch between them.

To switch between the default and secondary Google accounts, you can select your profile image from the top-right corner. On the menu bar, choose to Add account and use your credentials to sign in to the additional Google account you want to use.

How to Change the Default Google Account on Mobile  

Similar to Google web services such as the G Suite on the computer, you will be able to use multiple Google accounts on your Android and iOS device too. The major difference, however, is that unlike on the Google Chrome web browser where the first signed-in Google account automatically becomes a default, the same structure isn’t set on the mobile version.

On Android OS and iOS both, you need to manually pick the Google account you want to access the Gmail, Drive, Photos, and other services. Each time you select a particular Google account in an app, it becomes the default automatically, and can easily be changed by selecting another account from the list of the ones you have synced with the device.

  1. Open Gmail or any other Google associated app on the Android or iOS device.
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the top-right corner to see the Google accounts signed in on the mobile device.
  3. Select the Google account you want to set as the default.
  4. The next time you open the particular app, it will remember the Google account you had selected as your default.

If you do not wish to use a particular Google account on your mobile phone any longer, you can also choose to remove it. However, remember that important information such as contacts, calendar entries, Gmail, Google Drive files, and other data related to the Google account in question.

Additional Tips

  1. Use a different profile image with each Google account you have signed into.
  2. If you only want temporary access to any Google account apart from the default, use the browser’s Incognito mode to sign in.
  3. Consider setting up sharing privileges for files and folders used more often between the two Google accounts.
  4. Google Backup & Sync also allows you to log in with a limit of three accounts only. Choose the preferred Google account and change the location of the Google Drive folder for each to avoid conflict.
  5. Use different Chrome browser profiles for separate Google accounts. For instance, you might want to operate personal and work accounts with other extensions.

Wrapping Up

The ability to set different Gmail accounts across your devices is both a blessing and a curse. Whether you’re regularly accessing Gmail through the wrong account or end up logging into Google Meet through the personal account during business hours, a fix is crucial. Learning how to change the default Gmail account on your computer and mobile devices easy and straightforward if you know what you’re doing.

We hope that this guide above has helped you set things up, just the way you wish. If you’ve got anything to add or any queries, please reach out to us in the comments below.

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