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How to Disable Startup Programs On Windows 10

How to disable startup programs on Windows 10


How to Disable Startup Programs On Windows 10

Want to know how to disable startup programs on Windows 10 for better boot loading speeds.? Here’s everything you need to know about turning off programs on startup for Windows 10.

Microsoft is the biggest name you could find in the world of computers, going strong for decades now. The flagship product of the company, its Windows operating system has put Microsoft in every home and office all across the world. The latest offering from the company, Windows 10, is the most widely used operating system for personal computing.

But at times, there are some hiccups and bottlenecks in the operating system which chew up unnecessary valuable hardware resources, mainly RAM. You may have the fastest computer or laptop, with an SSD installed for added processing speed, but it still won’t be able to battle the poor startup time. One of the main culprits of slow bootup times is the startup programs in Windows 10, which automatically run in the background when the system boots up.

Why Do You Need To Disable Startup Programs?

Unwanted startup programs like iCloud, Adobe update installer, Chrome, Skype, and many more, seem to turn themselves on without asking for the user’s explicit permission.  If you don’t wish them to summon these apps and services at startup but they still seem to be running in the background, it can affect the PC’s overall performance. They can even come in the way of underperforming the PC during heavy tasks.

These apps, for certain reasons, automatically set up to launch when booting the system up. But, not all is lost. Windows 10 arms its users with tools and options that you can use to disable unwanted startup programs for when cold booting your PC. Here is how to disable startup programs on Windows 10.

How To Disable Startup Programs Using System Settings

You can disable startup programs easily using the System Settings in Windows 10. In the Apps Startup menu, you will find all the programs that muscle up to run when booting up the PC. Each startup program comes with indicators like no impact, low impact, medium impact, and high impact, measuring each program that takes a toll on the ram and CPU performance. It would be best if you disabled unwanted high impact apps for better performance optimization. Here is how to disable startup programs on Startup programs on Windows 10 are drag and a burden on your Windows PC, even if you are rocking blazing fast hardware. Here is how to disable startup programs on Windows 10. Windows 10 using the System Settings.

How to disable startup programs on Windows 10 Using System Settings

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2.  Click on Apps.
  3. Go to the Startup option from the left-hand side drop-down list.  
  4. All the startup programs will be presented to you. Click on the toggle switches for enabling or disabling startup programs.
  5. You can also filter programs by name, status, and startup impact for easy navigation.

How To Disable Startup Programs On Windows 10 Using Task Manager

Task Manager is not just a way to close crashed apps and programs. Task Manager can also help you in disabling startup programs. The advantage you get through Task Manager for disabling startup apps is that you get the options to locate the app in a folder, search the program on the web if you have forgotten what the app does, look at the properties, and of course, enable or disable programs. You can also view the Publisher, Status, and Startup Impact from the Task Manager. Here is how to use the Task Manager to disable startup programs on Windows 10.

How to disable startup programs on Windows 10 using Task Manager

  1. Press CNTR, ALT, and Delete on the keyboard at the same time.
  2. From the window menu, click on Task Manager.
  3. Your Task Manager window will open. 
  4. Click on the Startup menu from the options. 
  5. The Startup programs list will appear. Right-click on the program you wish to disable. 
  6. You will be presented with the options for Enable/Disable, Open File Location, Search Online, and Properties. We suggest first searching the program online before disabling high impact programs. 
  7. Click on the Disable option for disabling programs from the Right-Click menu, or select a program and disable it from the bottom right-hand side option. 

How To Disable Startup Programs Using CCleaner

Windows 10 updates and keeps track of programs to startup automatically when booting the PC. With CCleaner, you get the full view of the startup programs and have the option to disable/enable the programs or delete the programs from the startup program list when booting the PC. Here is how to use CCleaner to disable programs or remove them from the startup list.

how to disable startup programs on Windows 10 using CCleaner

  1. Download CCleaner from here.
  2. After setting up CCleaner, click on the Tools menu from the Left-hand side list.
  3. From the sub list, click on Startup.
  4. From the list, click on the Windows top bar, and you will be presented with the startup programs on the startup list.
  5. Click on a program, and you will have the options to enable/disable or delete startup apps from the startup program list, all from the right-hand side options.
  6. You can also use CCleaner to enable/disable Windows Services and Scheduled Tasks from the Startup sub-window.

Wrapping Up

Unused startup programs, mainly iCloud, Adobe, Steam, Epic Games Launcher, and other messaging programs, bottle down the PC’s performance and affect the boot times for Windows 10 PCs and take up valuable computing resources. Our guide to disable startup programs on Windows 10 will surely help you on your way to disable unwanted startup programs you do not wish to use. With CCleaner, you get more options on disabling/enabling programs and even delete startup programs from the startup programs list Windows 10 automatically creates when installing apps and programs on your Windows 10 machine.  

Were you able to speed up your Windows 10 computer by disabling the startup programs from the system settings? Did you have to use the CCleaner tool to disable those power-hogging programs? Do share with us in the comments section down below.

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