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How to Hide Apps On Android


How to Hide Apps On Android

Currently, there is no native support to hide apps on Android devices. Lucky for you, here are some of the easiest workarounds to easily hide apps or lock them on Android. 

Someone may want to look into hiding apps on Android devices for various reasons. At some point in time, how much ever you keep your phone locked and close by, your unlocked phone will be in someone’s hand, and you might not want them to snoop around your private documents, confidential information stored on apps, or stop your nephew from playing games or scrolling through your social media apps on your phone.

You may also want to hide and tuck away unwanted bloatware apps that are impossible to remove for a clean Android aesthetic. Sadly, as of speaking, stock Android OS and even Android 10 currently does not natively support a full-fledged app hiding feature for user-installed apps and system apps without uninstalling or disabling the apps.

Luckily, some Android OEM manufacturers such as Samsung, Oneplus, Xiaomi, and LG Android launchers do support app hiding in some way or form. Without further ado, here are some methods to hide apps on Android.

How to Hide Apps on Android

1. Hide Apps on Samsung One UI 2.5 

Samsung has always brought a huge selection of software features with their One UI launcher and overlay, and the feature is here to hide your Samsung bloatware apps. Here’s how to hide and access hidden apps on Samsung One UI 2.5 devices.

  1. On the home screen, long press on the screen, then tap Home Screen Settings on the bottom right side of the screen.
  2. From the menu, tap on the Hide Apps option.
  3. A list of system and user-installed apps will appear, select the apps you wish to hide, then tap on the Apply button.
  4. To access your hidden apps, long press anywhere on the screen and open the Home Screen Settings button at the bottom.
  5. Scroll down in the list to find Hide apps, and then tap on the “sign next to the app icon to unhide them.

2. Lock Apps on Xiaomi MIUI 10 or later

The MIUI launcher comes with a dedicated section for all the hidden apps, which can be set up from the App Lock section in the Settings menu. To access the hidden apps, you need to perform a gesture, and then enter your App lock password. Unfortunately, MIUI does not allow system apps to be hidden, but here’s how you can hide third-party apps on MIUI. 

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Apps and tap on App Lock option.
  3. For first-timers, you will need to set a password to access the hidden folder.
  4. The list of installed apps will appear. 
  5. Tap on the toggle icon to hide away the selected apps.
  6. To access the hidden app folder, on your home screen> using two fingers>pinch out, and your hidden folder will appear on the home screen>use your password to access the folder.

3. Hide apps on Oneplus Oxygen OS devices

The clean Android Oxygen OS on Oneplus devices is one of the best OEM launchers to date, and it sports an app hiding feature called “Hidden Space.” But, it is not as hidden and secure as a hidden password-protected folder, as the hidden apps can easily be accessed by just swiping right from the app drawer. Never the less here is how to hide and access hidden apps on Oxygen OS.

  1. Open the app drawer on your device.
  2. From the app drawer > swipe right on the screen.
  3. From the hidden space area>tap on the (+) icon on the top right-hand corner.
  4. The installed apps will appear>tap on the apps you wish to hide.
  5. To access the hidden apps > swipe right from the app drawer>long pres the app>select the unhide option.

4. Hide Apps on LG UX devices

Here is how to hide and access hidden apps on LG UX devices.

  1. Long tap on the home screen space.
  2. Tap on the Hide Apps option.
  3. Select the apps you wish to hide.
  4. Tap on the Confirm button to hide the apps.
  5. To access the hidden apps>open your app drawer>tap on the three vertical dots icon on the top right-hand corner>tap on the hide/show apps option.

Use Third-Party Launchers To Hide Apps

Third-party launchers not only allow you to customize your Android device, not your taste, and licking, but they also give you the power of extra features to hide unwanted apps from your sight and have a clutter-free experience. The two best third-party app launchers on the Play store are the Nova Launcher and, which gives the added benefit to hide the apps on even stock Android devices that lack the feature. If your Android device does not support app hiding natively, Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher are the best options out there. Here’s how to set up third-party launchers and hide apps.

  • Download an app launcher to your liking.
  • Go to Setting, then tap on Home option.
  • From the list, tap on the launcher, you just downloaded.

1. Nova Launcher

Here is how to hide and access apps on the Nova Launcher on Android devices.

  1. Long press on the home screen.
  2. Tap on the Settings option.
  3. From the list, tap on App and widget drawer section..
  4. From the list, tap on Hide Apps button.
  5. From the installed apps list, tap on the apps you wish to hide.

To access the hidden apps, follow the above steps, and tap on the previously hidden apps to access them again.

2. Apex Launcher

  • After downloading the launcher, tap on the Apex Settings option from the home screen.
  • Select Drawer Settings from the list.
  • Choose the Hidden Apps options.
  • From the apps list, tap on the box to select apps you wish to hide.
  • Tap on the Save button on the top right-hand side corner.

To access the hidden apps, follow the steps above. 

Use Calculator Vault To Hide Apps

If you do not want to use a third-party launcher and are happy with what you get on Android devices and still want to hide apps, privacy apps are the options for you. Third-party apps that allow you to set passwords or hide unwanted bloatware apps are the best option for you. 

The Calculator Vault app just lets you do that. The app disguises the vault as a calculator, and intruders will not even have a clue. Here is how to use Calculator Vault to hide your apps.

  • Download the Calculator Vault from the Google Play Store.
  • Give the app all the permissions needed. 
  • Set a four-digit pin.
  • Select the App Lock option from the menu.
  • Grant the app Accessibility Permission and Usage Access from the Settings.
  • On the list of apps and services, tap on the ones you wish to hide.

Now every time you or someone else tries to access the locked apps, the set pin will need to be entered first.

Wrapping Up

If you think you won’t be needing to know how to hide apps on an Android device won’t come in handy at all, there will be a moment in your life when you regretted not knowing how to hide the apps you want to keep a secret from your girlfriend.

We hope our guide to hiding apps on an Android device has come in handy to hide the apps and shove away the unwanted uninstallable bloatware apps from your sight for a clean Android experience on devices.

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