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How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iOS to Android


How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iOS to Android

Got a new phone and want to transfer WhatsApp chat history across the two devices? Here’s everything you need to know.

Ever since mobile phones evolved to become “smarter” so has our means of communication, which isn’t limited to texting anymore. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we’re able to make voice and video phone calls across the globe instantly. A large portion of this connection communication goes through Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Offering features for simple and interactive texting, voice, and video calls, along with media sharing, WhatsApp is one of those apps you simply can’t do without.

Harboring your personal chats, shared documents, and media files such as videos and photos, WhatsApp data is quite crucial. While WhatsApp is available for every primary mobile OS (aka Android OS and iOS), these operating systems aren’t cross-compatible. If you’re planning to leave the Apple camp and join Team Android, wondering how to transfer WhatsApp chat history would be one of the first questions that come to your mind.

How to Move WhatsApp Chats from iOS to Android (official)

When it comes to WhatsApp, Android OS and iOS have their own cloud storage apps to manage your chats. While Android OS depends on Google Drive, iOS sticks to iCloud to seamlessly store your chats history. Unfortunately, Google Drive and iCloud are not cross-compatible, so when you attempt to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iOS to Android, you can’t have them all synced.

The only official way to move chats in WhatsApp between Android and iPhone is by exporting each chat individually. Although it is a cumbersome process, it’s the only official way out there.

Step 1: Export WhatsApp chat from iOS

  • Open WhatsApp on the iPhone and navigate to the chat you want to export.

  • Swipe left on the contact name, press the More button, and select Export Chat from the pop-up window.
  • Using the share menu, select the Mail app, and send over the WhatsApp chat history to the email signed in on the Android phone.

Step 2: Import the WhatsApp chat on Android

  • Press and hold the WhatsApp icon on the home screen and select the Uninstall button.
  • Open the Gmail app on your Android phone to view the email sent from the iPhone.
  • View the email and press the Download icon on the attached WhatsApp chat history.
  • Now head to the Google Play Store to download WhatsApp from fresh.

  • Open WhatsApp and continue through the on-screen process until the app notifies you with the Backup Found notification.
  • Press the Restore button and let the on-screen process complete.

  • After the restoring process is finished, press the Next button to view your imported WhatsApp chat.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat History using MobileTrans

The ability to transfer WhatsApp chats one by one using the official method can be a gruesome process. It’s no surprise that third-party app developers have created solutions such as MobileTrans to help you move your WhatsApp chats across Android and iPhone the easy way. While the service isn’t free, you are backed by a 7-day full refund guarantee, so your investment is always safe.

Things you will need:

  • Windows or Mac computer with the latest version of Apple iTunes
  • Download and install Wondershare MobileTrans for Windows and Mac.
  • Android phone and an iPhone, along with its USB power cables.

Once you’ve downloaded Wondershare MobileTrans on your computer, launch it and follow the steps listed below:

  • On the main screen of the MobileTrans app, click the Transfer button under the WhatsApp Transfer menu.
  • Select the Transfer WhatsApp messages tab from the next screen.

  • The next screen will ask you to connect the iPhone and Android phone to the computer.
  • Connect the iPhone and the Android device, at which point, MobileTrans will recognize both the devices.
  • On your iPhone screen, press the Trust button when the pop-up appears.

  • The program will ask you to enable the USB Debugging Option when you connect the Android phone to the computer.
  • Go to Settings ->About Tap on Build Number 7 times to enable Developer Options. Now head to the Developer Options and enable USB Debugging option.
  • Once the iPhone and Android phone is detected, press the Start button to begin.
  • The WhatsApp chat history on your Android phone will be overwritten, so confirm by pressing the Yes button.

  • Wait for the transfer process to be completed, the duration of which depends entirely on the backup files.
  • Meanwhile, launch WhatsApp on your Android device, press Skip on the Google Drive backup option.

  • Press Continue to allow WhatsApp to look for local WhatsApp chat history backup files and sync them.

You will now see the confirmation message for the WhatsApp chat history transfer from iOS to Android phone.

Final Words

Apple and Google are competing to claim a more significant market share in the mobile world. The inability to quickly move WhatsApp chats across devices is just one example of many. The official method to move WhatsApp conversations is not only tedious but does not allow you to move multiple chats at once. In such troubling times, a third-party solution provided by the MobileTrans app can be a godsend, but it comes with a price tag attached to it.

Would you stick to the free and official method to transfer WhatsApp chat history from iOS to Android, or is the ability of MobileTrans to move WhatsApp chats all at once a small price to pay? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

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