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How to Watch Netflix for Free – 100% Legal

How to Watch Netflix for Free


How to Watch Netflix for Free – 100% Legal

You don’t have to put your morals on the line to watch Netflix for free or even feel guilty about doing so. Here’s a bunch of nifty ways you can legally watch Netflix free of cost, to get those binge sessions going right away.

The days of being chained down by your local cable company, and being riddled with advertisements are long gone. We live in an era where on-demand content is taking over the gaming industry, music, and world entertainment altogether.  Thanks to better networking infrastructure, high-speed internet connectivity has brought us gems such as Netflix – the blockbuster streaming service that is reshaping how we enjoy movies and TV shows.

Recently, the largest premium media streaming services hiked up its price, with the Basic plan starting at $8.99, the Standard one for $12.99, while the Premium plan costing you $15.99 per month. The content collection is the same across all three plans, but there are limitations put in place in terms of resolution quality and a number of simultaneous users. But what if we told you that you could enjoy watching Netflix for free with no hidden costs involved?

How to Watch Netflix for Free Legally

While subscribing to Netflix premium membership is a no-brainer for most, you would be forced to think twice at times. With the introduction of Hulu, DirectTV NOW, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, and dozens of other premium subscription services out there, adding Netflix to your monthly entertainment expense can be a bit taxing. You’ll be glad to know there is more than just one way to get your hands on Netflix and all of the original content that comes with it.

1. Watch limited Netflix Original content for free

In the early days of Netflix when media streaming was barely catching up, it offered content for free, no strings attached. While the business model has changed since then, Netflix is going back to its roots of marketing by offering some of its award-winning Netflix Original content for free. Without so much as giving out your email address to Netflix for promotional spam down the road, you can start streaming blockbuster movies such as Bird Box and TV shows like Stranger Things right now.

All you need to do is head over to the official Netflix Watch Free webpage and you’ll be greeted with the list of Netflix Original movies and TV shows. However, it is important to note that the free Netflix movies and TV shows are only available on the desktop browser and on certain web browsers for Android. We tried opening the link in the Safari browser on an iPhone, and it returned an error screen.

2. Free Netflix deals from network carriers

The sheer popularity of Netflix has not only put it on the map across 200 countries but led several other companies to use it as a marketing tool. There could be a possibility that you’re already paying for a premium cellular or cable service that entitles you for a free Netflix membership, but you’re not making the most out of it. Currently, two major U.S. cellular carriers – Verizon and T-Mobile offer a complimentary Netflix membership.

Free Netflix on Verizon

  • You must sign up for the FIOS TV package.
  • The plan you select should include television, internet, and phone (triple play package).
  • Keep the account active for 31 days to qualify.
  • Verizon will send you a confirmation email to redeem your free Netflix membership.
  • Use the log-in details to set up your Netflix account and start streaming.

Free Netflix on T-Mobile

  • You must sign up for the T-Mobile One plan.
  • The plan should be postpaid (not valid with prepaid and no credit check plans).
  • For free Netflix, you must have another number line added to your primary plan.
  • Avail the Netflix On Us feature and wait for confirmation from T-Mobile to start using your complimentary Netflix membership.

3. Share Netflix free with friends & family

We’ve all got a friend who believes in the “sharing is caring” mantra, and don’t mind giving you a slice of the pie. Especially when you’ve got family members who are already paying for Netflix, it makes no sense you pay too. Netflix not only allows you to share one Netflix account but also create your 5 separate profiles. With a profile for each user, the streaming experience is personalized for each user when enjoying their favorite movies and TV shows.

Netflix is all about sharing, but you still need to make sure that the same account is not running on too many screens at once. As long as they have a Standard or Premium plan you, should be able to enjoy Netflix free of cost at their expense, without hindering their entertainment experience. To create a profile for a fellow loved one, you can make a private profile for them by heading to Netflix – Manage Profiles – Add Profile, and add a new user.

4. Get a free Netflix trial (and cancel it!)

The biggest marketing hook Netflix has put out over the years is the “first month on us” strategy. Although the company has since pulled the gimmick from regions such as India, you can still enjoy the first month of Netflix free when you make a new account. The service charges you only after the first month is completed, but you can cancel your subscription at any time during the first free month.

You must sign up with a fresh email address, password, and add your credit card details to begin the free month. However, before the first-month end or when Netflix alerts you 3 days prior to the free trial expiry, you can cancel the membership. Head to Netflix – Account – Membership – Cancel Membership and confirm your action. It may not be the most ethical trick to try out, but multiple free trials can earn you months of free Netflix movies and TV shows.

Wrapping Up

The Netflix trial membership is a sure-shot way to legally watch Netflix content without paying a cent, but it can be a pain to keep making new accounts to enjoy it. Several thrifty users have reported that after canceling a free membership, Netflix sends you an invite to come back once more for the trial membership. If you’re willing to wait long enough, which most of us can’t when it comes to binge-worthy movies and TV series, you should be able to get a hold of a free Netflix 1 month trial account without even signing up for a new one.

Are you being a freeloader, enjoying Netflix from a friend or family member, or are you the bearer of the cross who provides entertainment access for your loved ones? Do share your thoughts on the new selection of free Netflix Original content in the comments section.

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