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Top 6 iOS 14 Features That You Should Check Out

Top iOS 14 Features


Top 6 iOS 14 Features That You Should Check Out

If you’ve just got your hands on iOS 14, then you’ve come to the right place as this article outlines some of the top iOS 14 features that you should definitely check out for yourself.

After Apple revealed the new version of its iOS — iOS 14 — earlier this year, in June, there was plenty of time for iOS fans to thoroughly examine its beta version and identify all the new features of the upcoming update.

The update is set to arrive this fall. Meanwhile, many iOS fans are quite interested in what the new upgrade will bring, what changes were noticed by the keen-eyed observers, and how the new version of the iOS will actually look like.

The 6 Best Features of iOS 14

It is immediately obvious that iOS 14 has changed a number of different things. As far as anyone can tell, all changes are for the better, whether they are further improving things that are already very good, or if they are resolving some annoyances and issues. Here are some of the top iOS 14 features and changes that you can expect once the new update rolls out officially to the public.

1. Refreshed Siri design

Siri iOS 14 Design

To a lot of people who are used to having a virtual assistant, Siri is a highly important feature. However, Apple usually tends to leave it out when talking or improving its iOS platform. This time, the company changed that, and Siri is now actually receiving a major makeover. The virtual assistant has received a number of new abilities, as well as a major redesign.

All of this will allow Siri to bring up new animations, offer specific widgets for certain questions, and it finally supports sending messages. The system also comes with a new translation app that will improve Siri’s translations, and the requests will now even work offline.

Moreover, instead of taking up the entire screen when activated, a Siri icon appears at the bottom of the screen when you invoke it. The company also promised that Siri will have 20x more to offer than only three years ago, so a lot of new things should be expected.

2. New Home Screen functionalities

App Library iOS 14

Apart from a Siri redesign, you can also expect a redefined iOS home screen. Apple has now added a new feature called App Library, which will group apps into larger folders, and it will do it automatically. At the top, the company also added a search bar for convenient, quick searches.

Apple will group the suggested apps and most-used apps by using on-device intelligence. Another addition will also be the Apple Arcade folder, which will contain recently-downloaded apps, for easier navigation and discovery.

There are quite a few benefits to the new organization system, that will let you quickly find the app you are looking for, remove extra pages from the Home screen, and help you remove the apps from view without uninstalling them.

Also, all of the installed apps will be displayed in alphabetical order, which will certainly help with locating the right one, especially if you tend to use a lot of them.

3. Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture iOS 14

Picture-in-Picture is already a well-known feature to iPad users, but fans have been asking for the same thing on iPhones for a long time now. With iOS 14, it is finally happening.

The new feature works just like on iPads — if you happen to watch a video and then you close the app, the window will pop-up with the video continuing to play. It will be resizable, just like it is on the iPad.

The feature might not sound like much to those who did not have an issue with its absence, but considering that this functionality has been a part of Android for ages, it is nice to finally see it integrated into iOS, as well.

4. Widgets

iOS 14 Widgets Homescreen

Widgets are not entirely new to iOS, but for the first time, users will be able to place them directly on the Home screen. This ability will be a welcome change to an otherwise stale-looking UI, and it will also allow users to quickly find the information they require.

Furthermore, they look better than ever before, and they will even let you change their size. Apple only showed a few, including the ones for Weather, Podcasts, and alike, and all of the examples look much better than before.

The addition is highly welcome, as this is another thing that Android users got to enjoy for years, while it was noticeably absent for iOS devices with no apparent reason.

5. Messages

iOS 14 Messages

With messaging via apps being the new main way of communication between people, Apple seems to have decided to bring some changes and improve its messaging system. Furthermore, many of the new changes seem to have been inspired by WhatsApp and similar competing apps.

One example is the new possibility to pin specific chats to the top of your app. Another is a completely new set of expressions in Memoji, as well as their customisability. Apple even had the time to design some of them with masks, which can be added to the face.

If you prefer to use group chats, you will also notice some changed there. For example, Apple has finally enabled in-line replies, as well as mentions, neither of which was available before. There are also customized group images that seem to change based on who chats the most in the group, which will make chats more interesting.

6. Maps

iOS 14 Maps

Apple has been working hard over the years to make its Maps app better than ever. In 2019, it specifically focused on making the maps better in the US.

Now, iOS 14 aims to do the same for several other countries, including Canada, the UK, and Ireland. Further, Apple has improved its ‘Find Great Places’ feature, and it has added new guides that will recommend the best places to go to, and this feature will see constant updates.

Another new thing that you can expect to see here includes cycling directions, which can be seen in a dedicated cycling option. Selecting it will present you with details about different routes, including how hard they are expected to be. You can even disregard some of the steps from the guide, which will help clear out space. This feature is expected to first emerge for the US and Chinese users.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the biggest new features and changes that Apple plans to introduce in iOS 14, but they are far from being the only one. In other words, definitely stay on the lookout when the new version of the system emerges this fall, and see what other changes the company may have decided to make to improve your experience, as well as its product.

So, what are your favorite iOS 14 features? Have you tried its beta version yet? Let us know in the comments below!


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