Character Counter Tool

Count the total number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs in a text


How to Count Characters with this Tool?

Using our character counter tool is very easy and straightforward. Simply paste a text into the textbox or type a piece of text and the tool will display the characters count in real-time. The tool is also capable of displaying the total words count, sentences, and paragraphs count.

Characters Limit of Social Media Platforms

Most social media platforms impose a limit on the amount of characters that can be used in a post, message, title, and other places on the platform, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. In such cases, character counter tools come in handy to check the total number of characters to make sure that you don't exceed the characters limit.

To make it easier for you, here's a list of the characters limit imposed by some platforms:

Facebook characters limit:

  • Post: 63,206 characters
  • Comments: 8,000 characters
  • Username: 50 characters
  • Page description: 155 characters

Twitter characters limit:

  • Tweet: 280 characters
  • DMs: 10,000 characters
  • Username: 15 characters
  • Profile name: 20 characters

Reddit characters limit:

  • Post: 40,000 characters
  • Comment: 10,000 characters

Snapchat characters limit:

  • Caption: 32 characters

Instagram characters limit:

  • Caption: 2,200 characters
  • Profile bio: 150 characters
  • Username: 30 characters
  • Hashtag limit: 30

Pinterest characters limit:

  • Profile name: 20 characters
  • Profile bio: 160 characters
  • Username: 15 characters
  • Board name: 100 characters
  • Board description: 500 characters
  • Pin description: 500 characters

LinkedIn characters limit:

  • Page name: 50 characters
  • Company name: 700 characters
  • Company update: 100 characters
  • About us summary: 2,000 characters
  • First name: 20 characters
  • Last name: 40 characters
  • Employee testimonial: 400 characters
  • Recommendation: 3,000 characters