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How to Convert XML to JSON?

To convert XML to JSON, follow the steps below:

  1. In the textbox above, enter a valid XML data.
  2. Click the Convert to JSON button.
  3. The XML data will now be converted to JSON output. If the XML data is invalid, the tool will display an error.

Why Convert XML to JSON Format?

For decades since the World Wide Web became a household phenomenon, the XML code has been the staple for data exchange across devices and websites all over the world. All thanks to the developments in the world of data processing have given rise to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), and it is emerging as the next great format for several reasons:

  • In comparison to XML code, JSON format is more lightweight and flexible.
  • The ability to parse data using JavaScript function gives JSON an upper edge over XML format.
  • Being a text-only format, JSON moves more easily across the digital platforms on servers, making it the standard data format by most programming languages.
  • Most AJAX applications prefer the use of JSON over XML code since it is the sole format available for fetching and parsing the strong.
  • Since data in XML is arranged in a tree structure, it ends up being different than the original data structure at times. However, JSON uses a map data structure, which offers a more predictable and understandable arrangement.
  • The same data representation method used in JSON, is also used in coding, which is why most programming languages are able to integrate JSON into their own domain object easily.

Now that you have understood and realized the advantages of the JSON format over XML code, it is apparent why you would need to convert it. We are here to present you with a simple, easy, and utterly ad-free service that converts XML to JSON online and does so in less than a few moments. Completely automating the process to convert XML to JSON format at the click of a button, our online converter tool gives you unrestricted access with no limits set on the number of conversions you can do.

What Can You Do with the XML to JSON Converter?

The fact that your written code could be lengthy and complicated makes the ordeal to convert XML to JSON even more tedious and time-consuming. Rather than spending hours more doing the task manually, we have devised a free, online XML to JSON converter that lets you get the job done in an instant. Designed to be direct and straightforward, all you need to do is get a hold of your XML code, and the online XML to JSON converter will take care of the rest.

  • Allows you to convert XML to JSON on Windows, Linux, and macOS X with the online web-based tool. The online converter is compatible across multiple browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox etc.)
  • Easy way to copy the XML code for pasting to the website and converting into JSON format with just a click.
  • The online XML to JSON converter is designed to be simple, direct, without any annoying pop-up banners or advertisements.
  • High-level web encryption along with a no-log policy ensures that your XML to JSON conversion is safe and secure.
  • Easy drag and drop operation with one-click format conversion makes it one of the most straightforward online tools out there.