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10 Best Android 11 Features to Check Out


10 Best Android 11 Features to Check Out

The best Android 11 features are here to improve your user experience all over again, but how do you pinpoint them? Here’s a quick guide on what’ so special about Google’s latest OS update.

Amid the global pandemic, one region that offers us some form of normality is the world of technology, where the iPhone 12 was released almost on time, and Google continues to smother us with love through major software updates. Android 11 has made a smooth entry with the Google Pixel lineup and is already in beta mode on several other Android OEMs, managing to maintain the status quo of its predecessor, while bringing some freshness too.

Best Android 11 Features to Try 

Android 11 is Google’s new iteration of the Android operating system, and it brings in new software features and editions with a shared inspiration from other apps like Chat Bubbles and a baked-in Screen Recorder. Apart from the popular features that it has imported from third-party apps, Android 11 brings new creature comfort features and a big emphasis on security due to the recent law suites Google is undergoing.

1. Control On Notifications with Conversation Notifications


With Android 11, the way the device handles notifications has changed a bit. Now, notifications are categorized into three sections: Conversations, Alerting, and Silent. In the Conversation, you can prioritize messages which are shown to you in your messaging apps. For example, you can prioritize your family member’s messages ower your friends. And you also get the option for Alerting or completely silencing notifications in the notification section from specific apps.

2. Baked in Screen Recorder

Earlier, when we needed to record something on the screen, we would have to rely on third-party apps from the app store, but with other Android OEM’s they started to include a screen recorder in their Android skins. Now Google is following with the trend and adding the Screen Recorder rite to Pixel and Android devices with Android 11. One less Chinese app or any app is a win for saving space, and the Screen Recorder on Android 11 is much intuitive than any app. After you hit the record button, you also get a bunch of settings and an option to record on-screen audio and other useful tools. You can access the Screen Recorder function in the Quick Settings Tile. If you can’t find the option, here’s how to add it to the Quick Settings Tiles.

  • Swipe down to reveal the Quick Option tiles.
  • Tap the edit button
  • Drag the Screen Recorder option to the Option Tile pages from the hidden options.

3. Chat Bubbles

Android 10 had introduced the Facebook Messanger chat bubbles, but it was unreliable and quickly faded in the settings. But, with Android 11, Chat Bubbles have made a comeback with not only Facebook Messanger Chat Bubbles but across all chat messenger apps. How it works is, when you are in a conversation and receive a text message in a Bubble, the Chat Bubble is floating in the screen overlay, and you have the options to reply or hide the Chat Bubbles which you have chosen to be floating around in the device. Overall, it brings a new and exciting way to use messenger apps and rekindles with old pals.

4. New Way to Access Smart Device Controls

Earlier with previous iterations of Android, holding down the power button would allow you to shut down or restart the device. With Android 11, holding down the power button does more than shutting down your device. It is also a new way to access and use smart devices connected to the Google Home ecosystem. Holding down the power button will reveal the power options as well as smart device controls. At first, you will get the option for six connected devices; later on, you can add new devices and even a payment method with Google Pay.

5. Much Needed App Notification History

Swiping right deletes the app notification and never to be found again. But with the App Notification History on Android 11, you can check up on the missing important app notification. The App Notification History keeps tabs on notifications for 24 hours. Here’s how to enable the App Notification History on Android 11.

  • Head over to the Settings.
  • Go to the Apps and Notification.
  • From the drop-down list, tap on the Notification History and tap the toggle switch, and the feature will enable.
  • To view the notification history, you can head over to Notification History.

6. Video/Music Player Media Controls

The media player has shifted ever so slightly on the notification area with now place reserved for the Conversation section; media controls have made a shift. Now, media controls are streamlined and now shows the cover art and basic media controls. You can choose whether the media controls disappear when the music stops or remains on the tool section when you want to resume playing.

7. New One Time App Permission and Auto Reset

We all love the iOS app permissions; whether you want to grant permissions to apps once, never, or while using the app for a piece of mind, Mcdonalds is not tracking your device. Now, Android 11 brings in these permission settings to apps. Now you can grant various permissions to access data on your device and auto reset after you close them.

8. New Share Sheet Pinning

Now with Android 11, you can choose the top priority apps and arrange them on the share sheet, which you frequently use for sharing content to your favorite platform or directly email a link. Just tap and hold on any app icon in the share sheet and you should be able to pin it right to the top. If the app offers multiple sharing elements, such as Twitter (Tweet and DMs) or Instagram (Feed, Direct, Stories), you can choose to pin these separately.

9. Custom Dark Theme Scheduling

The Dark mode on Android 10 was simple and subtle at best and left a little to be desired. You can switch and turn on or off the feature. With Android 11, you get the option to set when Dark Theme turns on with two metric options from “Turns on from sunset to sunrise” or “Turn on at custom time” for when you choose Dark Theme in action automatically.

10. Wireless Android Auto with a Catch

Android Auto is a useful car media and navigation system, but the wireless function only supports the Pixel devices, and the rest need to plug in an Android device. With Android 11, all Android devices supporting Android 11 will get the Wireless Android Auto feature, but the head system in the car should support it, meaning old Android Auto cars might not work with Wireless Android Auto.

Final Words

Although Google has ditched giving delicious monikers to their Android versions starting with Android 10, Google is determined pushing out Android 11 to other Android OEM manufacturers and taking in finer details and measures for security features makes Android 11 the best Android version we will see on OEM Android manufacturers and have a safe breath on stopping ridiculous app permissions on Android apps.

Are you among the select few who have already received the revered Android 11 updates and all of its cool features already? We’d love to know your thoughts on which one is the best and why.

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