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6 Best TikTok Alternatives to Try for iOS and Android

Best TikTok Alternatives for iOS and Android


6 Best TikTok Alternatives to Try for iOS and Android

Looking for the best TikTok alternatives after the government ban or your personal beef with the app? Here’s our list of the best TikTok alternatives for you to check out right now.

A trend that started off with Facebook back in 2004 as a pioneer social media platform, has been gaslighted with several that have sprung up after it. While the traditional social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and others have grown steadily, the Chinese social media sensation, TikTok, has risen up like a wildfire. The 60-second video sharing social media app has been excessively popular in South Asian countries, and as far as the United States, reaching maximum active users of 800 million.

Best Apps like TikTok for Android and iOS

However, with India banning TikTok over Chinese border incursions, and Australia and the United States considering a similar stance, it might be the end of TikTok as we know it. Whether TikTok has been removed from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store in your region, or you want to get off the sinking ship before it drowns, here are some of the most popular TikTok alternatives that you can try out right now.

1. Dubsmash

Despite being around for almost 5 years, Dubsmash has not garnered the popularity that TikTok has, but don’t let the numbers fool you. It is a platform that introduced the idea of creating and sharing short video clips which led to several hilarious and downright viral content. Built with a library of songs, Dubsmash includes famous dialogues from movies and TV shows, and filters to make your videos more captivating.

Even if you’re not actively contributing as a content creator, there are plenty of short viral videos to browse through in the recommended, trending, and popular music categories for the spectating users too. However, Dubsmash does limit the maximum video duration to 10 seconds, which makes video sharing faster, but it might not be long enough for some.

Download Dubsmash for Android

Download Dubsmash for iOS

2. Instagram Reels

Ever since TikTok started eating away at the market share of the social media giants, Facebook-owned Instagram started developing a TikTok alternative called Instagram Reels. Although the app was in the beta testing phase up until now, the ban on TikTok pushed forward the release of Instagram Reels, which is available more as a feature of the Instagram app.

Instagram Reels gives you access to the massive library of original audios, sound and video effects, music clips, smart features for timed transitions, and special effects. Since most of your favorite TikTok content creators are probably already on Instagram Reels, you should be able to find their unique and laughable short videos on the Instagram app right away.

Download Instagram for Android

Download Instagram for iOS

3. Triller

The popularity of TikTok has given rise to several alternatives, but only a few replicates, and further perfect it like Triller does. This TikTok alternative does more than just lip-syncing videos, hosting a library of a fresh batch of filters, video, and audio effects, all of which can be stitched together for a 30-second long viral video.

Apart from features to allow collaboration between different content creators, Triller comes with an A.I.-based auto-editing feature which helps you craft a professional quality video with just a tap. A collection of more than 100 different filters, professional video editing tools, and a massive library of soundtracks and audio clips to pick from, Triller is always a fun trip to take.

Download Triller for Android

Download Triller for iOS

4. Likee

After undergoing a recent rebranding, the Likee app has also faced some choppy waters since it’s ban in India alongside TikTok. One of the more versatile TikTok alternatives out there, Likee goes all-in with viral-worthy content features for special effects, stickers, audio filters, collage screens, face-swapping, and so much more.

Focusing on creating a more personalized experience for content creation, Likee allows spectating users to create their own fan clubs to keep track of their favorite online artists. Catering to the gaming community with a dedicated gaming broadcast channel where you can find some of the best streamers, there’s even the option to participate in online music festivals and one-on-one bands Livestream competitions.

Download Likee for Android

Download Likee for iOS

5. Byte

Vine was the platform owned by Twitter that laid the foundation for TikTok and all the others that came after it, up until its demise in 2013. Byte came into existence shortly after and is spearheaded by the same people who brought us Vine, the app allows you to record a short 6-second video, in comparison to TikTok, which allows 15-second video recordings.

Designed to be user-friendly without too many distracting bells and whistles, Byte offers you a home feed to look at the content creators you follow and discover fresh new videos in the Explore section. Skipping past unnecessary effects makes Byte snappier than the other TikTok alternative apps, while offering a plethora of content to watch and create at the same time.

Download Byte for Android

Download Byte for iOS

6. Funimate

Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are usually catered to the younger demographic, and Funimate capitalizes on the same. Designed to quickly shoot, or even edit existing videos with a gargantuan collection of video editing elements such as soundtracks and custom audios, filters, transition effects, and pro-quality video editing tools for merging, looping, trimming, and more.

Hitting the popularity mark across the world, content creators and following users have helped push Funimate to the top spot with its focus on core video editing. When it comes down to the user experience, as a former TikTok user, you won’t find it hard to settle into Funimate, with intuitive lists of recommended content, the following feed, and detailed guides for creators too.

Download Funimate for Android

Download Funimate for iOS

Wrapping Up

Whether or not TikTok is resurrected from the dark times, or gets swallowed whole by the larger rivals such as Instagram, it’s clear that plenty of TikTok alternatives stand in line to claim the falling crown. Albeit, it would take a significant push on the part of content creators and the app developers to migrate the user base from TikTok to other platforms, but the immediate release of the Instagram Reels feature in India – a 1.3-Billion user market is a clear indicator that users are willing to switch sides.

Are you among those who have jumped ship and picked up a TikTok alternative amidst the ban on the popular video-sharing social media app? Do share your thoughts on it in the comments section down below.

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