Cercube Max



  • Cercube Pro (5.3.3): login to remove ads
    • save video as audio
    • download video up to 4K resolution
    • set default streaming quality on 3G/4G and WiFi
    • share download to any installed iOS app
    • export downloaded files to Videos and Music app
    • play YouTube in PiP mode
    • enable background playback
    • block all advertisements
  • iSponsorBlock (1.0-11): skipping sponsor ads.
  • Alderis Color Picker (1.1.2): necessary for iSponorBlock.
  • YTABGoodies (1.0.0): includes YouAreThere, YouRememberCaption,YTNoCheckLocalNetwork, YTSystemAppearance.
  • YTUHD (1.2.5): VP9 UHD enabler; 1440p & 2160p although it doesn't really smoothly works because of Apple limiting VP9 spoofing in sideloaded YouTube
    Working smoothly in the new update.
  • YouPiP (1.5.15): Enable PiP.
  • YTClassicVideoQuality (1.0.1): Original video quality selector.
  • YTnoshorts (1.0.2): Remove shorts from main home, but it still exist in the bottom bar.
  • NoYTPremium (1.0.3): Remove YouTube Premium upsell alerts.
  • BigYTMiniPlayer (1.0): Make the mini player in the YouTube app look like it does on an iPad.
  • YouTube Dislikes Return (1.1.3): Bring back dislikes on YouTube. ps: if you see counter empty just scroll down and then up. if you don't see any count or stuck at fetching or failed, the problem is from YouTube api so it may work or no, and there is no fix for it now.


  • Majd Alfhaily for Cercube.
  • PoomSmart for YTABGoodies, YTUHD, YouPiP, YTClassicVideoQuality, NoYTPremium.
  • Galactic-Dev for iSponsorBlock and BigYTMiniPlayer.
  • qnblackcat for his iSponsorBlock fork.
  • HASHBANG for Alderis Color Picker.
  • MiRO92 for YTnoshorts.
  • Al4ise for Azule for MacOS.
  • LillieWeeb for YouTube Dislikes Return




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February 09, 2022




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How to Install Cercube Max with AltStore

  1. Install AltStore on your iOS device. To learn how, read this guide.
  2. Download the latest Cercube Max IPA file.
  3. Open the AltStore app on your device and go to the "My Apps" tab.
  4. Tap on the plus "+" icon in the top, then browse and select the Cercube Max .ipa file that you downloaded.
  5. If it's your first time using AltStore, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. AltStore requires it for signing the app so it can be installed. We recommend you use a burner account.
  6. The app will begin to install and once completed, you can open it from the My Apps tab or from your Home screen.

With this method, you have to re-sign the app every 7 days. To do so, simply go to the My Apps tab in AltStore, then tap the "X days" button next to the app to begin the re-sign process. Make sure to re-sign the app before it expires, otherwise, you have to repeat the above process all over again.

How to Install Cercube Max with Sideloadly

  1. Download the latest version of Sideloadly for Windows or macOS and install it on your PC.
  2. Download the Cercube Max IPA file from this page and save it to your computer.
  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Open the Sideloadly app on your PC.
  5. You may be prompted to install the Mail Plug-in. Click the "Yes" button to continue.
  6. Enter your Apple ID email under the "Apple account" field.
  7. Drag and drop the Cercube Max .ipa file into the IPA field shown on the left side of the interface. The field is represented by an IPA image.
  8. Click the "Start" button to begin the sideloading and installing the IPA.
  9. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password. The tool uses your Apple ID to sideload the app. We recommend you use a burner account.
  10. Sideloadly will begin installing Cercube Max on your iOS device.
  11. Once the app is installed, don't open it yet. You first need to verify your Apple ID profile if it's your first time using Sideloadly. To do it, go to Settings > General > Device Management. Tap on your Apple ID and press the Trust button. Tap on Trust again from the popup alert.
  12. Now go to the Home screen to open the installed app.

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February 09, 2022
105.2 MB
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