Dopamine Jailbreak


Dopamine is a rootless semi-untethered jailbreak designed for iOS devices running on iOS 15.4.1 to iOS 15.0.

It currently works with devices that have A12 to A15 chips.

The jailbreak comes pre-installed with the Sileo and Zebra package managers




Last updated

May 03, 2023



29.5 MB



Dopamine is a new jailbreak released by developer Lars Fröder that can jailbreak devices running on iOS 15.0 - 15.4.1. It works on devices with the A12, A13, A14, or A15 Apple chips.

The Dopamine jailbreak is semi-untethered and rootless. 

Semi-untethered means you must re-jailbreak your device using the Dopamine app every time it reboots. In order words, when you reboot your device, it goes to a non-jailbroken state. The biggest advantage to these jailbreaks is that you can restore your device without the risk of bricking it.

Rootless means that the jailbreak does not provide full access to the operating system, and not everything can be modified, which in some ways is safer. However, you can only install tweaks that support rootless

Dopamine comes pre-installed with the Sileo and Zebra package managers. This means that upon installing and jailbreaking your device, you can use either of those stores to browse and install tweaks.

Which devices are supported by the Dopamine jailbreak?

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 13.

  • iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone SE (2nd & 3rd generation)
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS & XS Max

Which iOS versions are supported?

The Dopamine jailbreak works on supported devices running on iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.4.1. This means that it works with the following iOS versions:

  • 15.0
  • 15.0.1
  • 15.0.2
  • 15.1
  • 15.1.1
  • 15.2
  • 15.2.1
  • 15.3
  • 15.3.1
  • 15.4
  • 15.4.1

How to install and use the Dopamine Jailbreak

If you own a device supported by the Dopamine jailbreak, you can install it using TrollStore and jailbreak your device using the installed Dopamine app.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to jailbreak iOS 15 using Dopamine.

  1. Install TrollStore on your iOS device by opening Safari and going to the following URL:
  2. A prompt will appear asking to open the page in iTunes. Tap on the Open button.
  3. You will get another prompt asking whether you want to install the “TrollHelper” app. Tap on the Install button.
  4. Go to your Home screen and you will find an app installed called “GTA Car Tracker”. This is the TrollStore app. Tap on it to open the app.
  5. Press Install TrollStore to install the app onto your device. During the process, your app may reboot to complete the installation. Do not touch your device until the process is completed.
  6. Open the TrollStore app and tap on Install Persistence Helper. You will be prompted to select an app installed on your device. Choose the app you never use because it will stop working after selecting it.
  7. Download the latest Dopamine IPA file from our Download section above.
  8. Once downloaded, tap on the IPA file, press the share icon, and select TrollStore. This opens the Dopamine app in TrollStore for installation.
  9. When prompted, tap on the Install button.
  10. TrollStore will install the Dopamine jailbreak app on your device. Go to your Home screen to find the app.
  11. Tap on the Dopamine app to open it. Press the Jailbreak button to begin the process.
  12. You will be asked to select a package manager. Select Sileo and press Continue.
  13. You will be prompted to enter a password. Choose a password of your choice and press enter. Remember this password, as it will be required in the future.
  14. Dopamine will begin jailbreaking your device. Your device may restart during the process to complete the jailbreak. Ensure not to perform any action on your device until the jailbreak is completed.
  15. Once your device is jailbroken, go to the Home screen, and you should find the Sileo app. Open it to browse and install your favorite tweaks.