Esign is an IPA signing tool for iOS 16 - iOS 12 that lets you sign apps directly on your iOS device and install them without the hassle of using a computer.

It also provides the option to use your own signing certificate (p12) if you have it. The benefit of this is that there is a very small chance of your apps getting revoked if you sign it using your own certificate.

Last updated: May 03, 2023

Version: 4.8.1

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When it comes to sideloading IPA apps on your iOS device, there are many options, like AltStore and Sideloadly. However, the options are very limited for on-device signing utilities.

Esign changes the game by allowing iOS users to sign IPA files directly on their devices without using a computer. Best of all, you don't need to jailbreak your device.

The app works on devices running iOS 11 up to iOS 16.

To sign an IPA file and install it on your device, Esign requires a .p12 certificate. You can choose from one of the many certificates made available by the Esign app or supply your certificate.

If you use a public certificate provided by Esign, chances are that the certificate will get revoked quickly because Apple quickly blocks publicly used certificates. In such cases, you can only use apps until the certificate is revoked, after which you have to resign them.

If you supply a paid .p12 certificate and .mobileprovision files, the apps will not get revoked and will work for a long time.

Esign also lets you create your certificates using the app, but with this method, apps are automatically revoked within seven days and you have to resign them every week.

When installing an IPA through Esign, you can make certain modifications, such as the following:

  • Change the app name, version, bundle identifier, and logo
  • Inject your own libraries or remove the existing ones
  • Remove libraries
  • Remove all plug-ins
  • Set the minimum required iOS version to iOS 10
  • Fix white icon
  • Remove URLScheme

How to Sign IPA Apps With Esign

  1. Download the IPA file to your iPhone.
  2. Open the IPA file, tap on the share icon in top right, and select Esign. This will add the file to the Esign app.
  3. Open the Esign app and go to the File tab.
  4. Find and tap on the IPA file, then select the Import App Library option.
  5. Go to the Apps tab and tap on Unsigned from the top.
  6. Now find and tap on the app in the list. Select Signature.
  7. Under the "Select Certificate" field, choose a signing certificate.
  8. Tap on Signature to begin signing the app.
  9. Once completed, tap on the Install button on the same screen.
  10. Esign will install the app and you can find it on the home screen.

If you can't open the app after installation, go to Settings > General > Device Management, tap on the profile below "Mobile Device Management" and select "Trust". Now go back to the Home screen nd you should be able to open the app.

How to Install Esign with Cydia Impactor

Please note that Cydia Impactor is currently not working and apps won't install. Use AltStore instead.
  1. Download the Esign IPA file onto your computer.
  2. Download Cydia Impactor from here.
  3. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Open Cydia Impactor.
  5. Drag and drop the IPA file downloaded in Step 1 onto Cydia Impactor
  6. Cydia Impactor will ask for your Apple ID and password, which is verified with Apple only and is used to sign the IPA file. If you’re not comfortable providing it, then create an alternative Apple ID and use that instead.
  7. After the app is installed, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Management” / “Profiles & Device Management”). Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.
  8. Tap on the Trust button.
  9. Now open the app and enjoy it.

Previous Versions

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